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Located in South Jordan just south of Salt Lake City, Utah, Davis Vision Eye Center is a premier spot for Salt Lake City LASIK surgery. With the highest quality and most advanced eye care in Utah, your LASIK surgery will be in good hands with Dr. Brian R. Davis, one of the nation's most experienced and sought after LASIK surgeons. Having performed thousands of surgeries over his 17 years as an eye surgeon, Dr. Davis has unmatched experience in the industry. Dr. Kurt Hepworth, the newest addition to our surgical team, also has extensive experience with Utah LASIK, cataract, and ocular disease patients. Read about our Utah LASIK surgeons.

If you're searching for LASIK in Utah, the professionals at Davis Vision Eye Center have among the most qualified staff, thanks to ongoing professional development, ensuring that we stay at the top of our game. Give us a call at Davis Vision Eye Center and set an appointment to be seen by one of Utah's top LASIK surgery professionals. Dr. Davis is also one of the most experienced cataract surgeons in Utah. Whether you're looking to get rid of glasses or contacts for good, or whether you're interested in having cataract-free vision for years to come, Davis Vision has the solutions for you. We've already helped thousands of Utah residents improve their lives with better eyesight, and we'd love to show you how we can improve yours as well. Our convenient location is great for patients living in the Salt Lake Valley as well as the Northern and Southern Utah areas. 

Don't forget that our Utah office also has a complete optical center! For glasses, contacts, or prescription sunglasses, we have selections for the whole family. You can read more about us and get to know us by reading our Salt Lake City LASIK Blog. We love to stay in touch with our local Utah/Salt Lake City patients - you can also become a Davis Vision fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


Lasik, Cataract, and Other Services

We offer the following services in the Salt Lake City, Utah area:

  • Lasik Surgery (including Bladeless flap creation)
  • Lasik Consultation
  • Cataract Surgery (including multifocal implants)
  • ICLs (Inplantable Collamer Lenses)
  • General Eye Exams
  • Ocular Trauma
  • All types of Eye Disease Care
  • Optical and Contact Lens Center
  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers


Patient Testimonials

  • For some time I’ve considered the possibility of LASIK surgery but just thought of eyes and surgery in the same sentence made me nervous. Like most people, I rely on my eyes to do so many things. Being an artist, I rely on my eyes...
    Greg Olsen
  • Davis Vision Center was awesome! Not only was the staff wonderful, but Dr. Davis was great too! Before surgery, I was really nervous to have LASIK done. But all my questions and concerns were answered in such a way that I felt completely...
    Heather Maack (KJMY radio personality)
  • I couldn’t have picked a better place to have LASIK surgery than with Dr. Brian Davis and his Davis Vision Center. As you know, my body is a temple and I don’t let just anybody near it, mainly because I’m a big baby who is afraid of pain....
    Patrick Kinahan “PK” (1280 The Zone morning radio host)

Learn how LASIK works.

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. On the back of your eye is a complex layer of cells known as the retina. The retina reacts to light and conveys that information to the brain. The brain, in turn, translates all that activity into an image. Because the eye is a sphere, the surface of the retina is curved.

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What is a Cataract

A cataract is a cloudy lens within the eye. Directly behind the iris or colored part of the eye sits the lens. Generally when we are children our lens is clear but as we age a clouding of the lens occurs. When the lens clouding becomes severe enough to interfere with vision we call it a cataract.

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