LASIK Eye Surgery for Athletes

Sports are your life. You train daily, manage your diet, and focus your whole mind on your sport. True athletes do more than practice their sport - they live it. Breathe it. Every moment, every day is about getting stronger, accurate, and agile. 

You do everything to be the best athlete you can. Nothing stops you. So you shouldn’t let your blurred vision slow you down. There are better options out there for good vision than your glasses or contact lenses.

Don’t waste your time looking for better contact lenses or specially made glasses. In the long run, both will be expensive and neither will give you the results you’re really looking for. After all, in the sports you play, you expect constant improvement and precise results. Glasses and contact lenses can’t give you that on the field.

Athletes looking for better vision need LASIK eye surgery in Utah, and here’s why: 

Distance Won’t Matter Anymore

Do you find yourself waiting to shoot that basket longer than you should because you can’t see the hoop? Or maybe you didn’t see your opponent hit the tennis ball because he’s too far away. 

Whether you are choosing not to wear your glasses while playing, or you haven’t bothered to go to the optometrist yet, your nearsightedness is damaging your game. You know you have the skills to play better, but your vision is in the way. 

If you’re farsighted, you don’t have it much better. You keep missing your drives on the fairway because that little white ball is fuzzy when you look at it. 

LASIK eye surgery in Utah can fix both farsightedness (hyperopia) and nearsightedness (myopia) by correcting the shape of your cornea with a laser. The surgery is fast and the clear vision comes within a couple of days. Even the healing time is pretty quick, so you’ll be back to your training in no time.

That means you’ll be able to practice those long drives or half-court shots without fear of visual interference. You’ll see further than you ever have, and you won’t believe how much that improves your game.

Better Peripheral Vision

Your distance vision won’t be the only vision that improves with LASIK eye surgery in Utah. When you wear glasses, the lenses correct the vision in front of you, but your peripheral vision stays blurry. That means that there might be opponents or teammates in your periphery - but you probably won’t notice them. Your vision is too blurry.

Many LASIK patients say that their peripheral vision improves after LASIK eye surgery in Utah, and the fact is, it does. When the cornea is corrected, it fixes your vision entirely, whereas glasses only help part of your vision. You’ll notice objects in your periphery better because the blurriness won’t hide those things from you.

Without your peripheral vision impaired by blurriness, you’ll see things happening on the field that you never could have before. Your awareness will improve, and you’ll respond to game events like you never knew you could.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Speaking of better response during games, you can expect LASIK eye surgery in Utah to give your hand-eye coordination an assist. Because you’ll see everything around you better with clearer vision, you’ll be able to act quicker and more effectively when the pitcher throws the ball at you or when a linebacker hurtles straight to you.

LASIK eye surgery can give you the edge you’ve been looking for. After all, it might not be a training problem that’s hindering your hand-eye coordination. It might be a vision problem. If your eyes could see clearly without help from contacts or glasses, you’d be able to see objects moving around you better. And, if there is something that needs to be fixed in your training, you’ll be able to adjust better with LASIK clear vision.

No more missing things around you, no more misjudging the movement of the ball, and no more fear that your vision will ruin your chances in the game. Your corrected eyes could catch every tiny motion and movement of the players around you. You just have to give LASIK eye surgery in Utah a chance to fix everything for you.

Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contacts

One of the best results about having LASIK eye surgery in Utah is that you get to give up your glasses and contacts. Aside from making your mornings (and life) more convenient, there are some extra bonuses for athletes giving up glasses and contacts.

When you throw out your contact lenses for good, you’re throwing away the itchy irritation that comes when you’ve worn them a little too long. You don’t need to keep eye drops in your equipment bag after you’ve healed from the LASIK surgery. No more contacts slipping out of place, falling out, getting lost or anything. Just clear vision everywhere you go.

Getting rid of your glasses is an even better pleasure. If you’ve ever had the mishap of a ball hitting you in the face while you have your glasses on, you know that it’s a painful experience. At the worst, the lenses or frames of the glasses could break and make your injury worse; at best, you walk around for days with a bruise across your nose and eyes. 


Not only do glasses make for painful injuries, but they’re also annoying when you’re playing. They fall off, break, limit your vision, and slip around when you sweat. 


With LASIK eye surgery in Utah, your game can be easier and more comfortable than it ever has been before. No more nuisance, no impairment. Just you and the game, like it should be.


LASIK is like you - quick, strong, and improving vision every day. It betters lives, improves skills, and helps people see further than they ever have. If you feel that the biggest thing holding you back in your sport is your poor vision, contact Davis Vision Center for a LASIK eye surgery in Utah at 801-590-0864, and visit our website here with any questions you may have.