Tips for a Great LASIK Recovery

If you’re about to have LASIK eye surgery, you might be wondering what you need to do after the surgery to have a smooth recovery. It’s a great thing to think about because part of getting ready for surgery is also being ready to take care of yourself after surgery. To make sure ready for your post-surgery care, read over these LASIK recovery tips, and then feel free to reach out to Davis Vision with any questions.

Tip #1 - Avoid Wearing Eye Makeup for a Week

A lot of us really like wearing makeup, so this can be a tough LASIK recovery tip to stick to. If you really don’t like to be seen without makeup, try to schedule your LASIK surgery for a week that you don’t have to go many places so you can stay home during your recovery. 

What you shouldn’t do is decide that it’s fine if you wear eye makeup two days after your surgery. As much as we like makeup, it can irritate your eyes even when you aren’t recovering from surgery. But when you are recovering from eye surgery, eye makeup can actually be dangerous to your eyes. If you were to get makeup in your eye or accidentally poke your eye, you could damage the healing tissues of your cornea. 

If this healing tissue were damaged, you would need to contact your doctor right away. You might even need to go see your doctor in person to have the damage assessed. If the damage is bad enough, you’ll likely need to have another surgery to repair the damage. 

In a worst-case scenario, damaging the healing tissue in your eye could result in permanent vision impairment or loss, which would ruin the purpose of getting LASIK in the first place. So to keep your eyes safe after surgery, don’t wear eye makeup for a week. Even if you feel uncomfortable without makeup, it’s worth the discomfort to get clear vision.

Tip #2 - Use Your Prescribed Eye Drops

After your surgery, you’ll be given two types of eye drops to help you heal well. One is an antibiotic eye drop to prevent eye infections while your eyes are healing. The other is an anti-inflammatory eye drop. This eye drop will help minimize the swelling and irritation in your eyes so you can feel more comfortable during recovery. 

Make sure you use these eye drops as often as your eye doctor directs. It can be easy to forget, and if you do forget, just use the drops as soon as you remember unless otherwise directed by your doctor. 

You may also get tired of using the drops frequently, but remember that these drops are intended to help your eyes stay healthy, clean, and safe. You can also use artificial tears through part of your recovery to help with any feelings of dry eye. 

Tip #3 - Don’t Rub Your Eyes

You know how when you know you can’t scratch your nose, it starts to itch? Just knowing that you can’t do something can sometimes make you want to do it. And so when we tell you not to rub your eyes after surgery, you might feel a greater need to rub your eyes. However, you need to resist that urge to rub. This is honestly one of the most important LASIK recovery tips on this list. 

Do not rub your eyes. Seriously. If you rub your eyes during recovery, you can damage or irritate the corneal flap that was cut during surgery as well as other healing corneal tissues. Not only will this damage be painful, but it could also lead to serious vision problems. 

This is also not a short-term tip. When we say, “Don’t rub your eyes after surgery,” we mean, “Don’t rub your eyes for two months after surgery.” Even when your eyes start to feel fine, they are still healing. So give your eyes the space to heal well and don’t rub them. 

If you get something in your eye or your eyes are really bothering you, the best thing you can do is rinse your eye with eye drops. The drops will give your eyes the moisture they need to clear away any issues.  

Tip #4 - Be Patient With Healing

Another LASIK recovery tip is patience. Your eyes need more time to heal than you might think. Immediately after surgery, it will be obvious that your eyes need time to heal because your vision will be temporarily blurry. However, that blurriness should clear up over the next couple of days to the point that your vision will be better than it was before. 

When your vision clears up all of the way, it might be easy to think that your eyes are all healed. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Even though you can see, the tissues in your eyes are still healing for a couple of months. And as long as those tissues are still healing, they can still be easily damaged. 

So don’t rush into any habits or activities that could put you at risk of damaging your eyes post-surgery. Be patient with your healing and give your eyes their best chance at a great recovery. 

Tip #5 - Choose Your Activities Carefully

Our last LASIK recovery tip is to choose your post-surgery activities carefully. It’s best to give yourself a couple of days to rest immediately after the surgery, which is why Davis Vision usually schedules LASIK surgeries on Thursday or Friday so you can rest for the weekend without missing much work. 

After a couple of days, it’s fine to return to your normal activities of work, school, and so on. But there are still some activities you should be cautious of. You should wait two weeks to return to sports and active hobbies like hiking. Things like swimming and other water activities, however, should be avoided for two months because the water can be damaging or irritating to your eyes. 

Reach Out to Davis Vision With Any Questions

When you schedule your LASIK surgery, Dr. Davis will tell you everything you need to do to prepare for your surgery and recovery. But if you have any questions later about the surgery or even about these LASIK recovery tips, check out our list of LASIK FAQs and feel free to call Davis Vision at (801) 253-3080.