What to Look for in Your LASIK Surgeon

When you’re thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery, one of the most important things to consider is who will perform your surgery. Finding the right LASIK surgeon can make all the difference in how well your surgery goes and what kind of results you can expect after the surgery. 

Not sure what to look for in a LASIK surgeon? No worries, we can help. There are several things to consider when choosing a surgeon, and you’ll want to find out about all of these things before scheduling your surgery.

Plenty of Surgical Experience

Of course, one of the most important things you’ll want in a LASIK surgeon is plenty of surgical experience. Now, if a surgeon is new, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. But you’ll want to make sure that they have had good training. Often, new surgeons will work with experienced surgeons as they build up their experience and reputation, so if they work with a surgeon you trust, then you may also feel confident in the new surgeon as well. But if you can find a surgeon with a lot of experience, you can go into the surgery feeling sure of their capability to perform the surgery well. 

You might hear some people say that it doesn’t matter which surgeon you use because LASIK is a surgery performed with computers. But even with the technology used in LASIK surgery, having the best-qualified surgeon performing your surgery will make a difference in your surgery because they will have the best ability to use the technology well. You just can’t beat the results of an experienced surgeon.

Willing to Answer Any Question

LASIK, like any other surgery, has its risks. Your surgeon should tell you about these risks before you decide to have the surgery so you can make an informed decision. Your surgeon should also give you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about the risks or the surgery.

Don’t be afraid to ask any question because, if you have a good LASIK surgeon, they will be more than willing to answer your questions. On the other hand, if your surgeon avoids your questions, doesn’t give clear answers, or doesn’t give you the opportunity to ask questions about your surgery, you may want to look elsewhere for surgeons. You should always be able to find out all the information you want or need before your surgery.

Along these same lines, many good surgeons will likely have a website or brochure that can give you all the information you need as well. You can look for this information before you even visit with your LASIK surgeon so you can ask any follow-up questions. And looking at it in advance will also give you the chance to compare the information with other surgeon websites. 

Using Best LASIK Technology

To find out what quality of LASIK you can expect, ask your surgeon about the technology they use for their surgeries. In many cases, if the technology is more up-to-date, it will make for a better surgery. 

For example, when you get LASIK, a flap is cut to give the laser better access to your cornea. Originally, that flap was cut with an actual, albeit small, blade. Some surgeons still use this method while others now prefer to use one type of laser to cut the flap and another laser to correct the cornea. Both types of LASIK work, but bladeless surgery tends to be a bit safer. 

There are various other technological advancements to the equipment used in LASIK that are designed to make the surgery safer and more effective than ever. Ideally, your surgeon will use the latest technologies to give you your best results. 

Offers Other Solutions When Needed

Not everyone qualifies for LASIK surgery. This is partly because some vision problems aren’t in the cornea and can’t be corrected with laser surgery. But sometimes other health conditions make it difficult to perform the surgery. Things like diabetes can put someone at risk in surgery.

In other cases, LASIK may only need to be delayed. Pregnancy, for example, causes the hormones in your body to fluctuate and those hormones can affect your vision temporarily. So if your hormones could be a factor in temporary vision changes or if you just haven’t had a stable vision prescription, the surgery will need to be delayed.

When you go to your LASIK surgeon with these concerns, they should be happy to give you alternate solutions when LASIK won’t be a viable option for you. Whether it’s a new prescription for glasses or contacts, a different type of surgery, or even a simple suggestion to wait a few months, your surgeon can give you all of your options. 

Most of all, your surgeon should care more about what’s best for you than about pushing you into surgery. If you feel pressured into surgery, you may want to reconsider. On the other hand, if a surgeon can help you find the best option for you, even if it isn’t surgery, then you know that this is a surgeon you can fully trust. 

Has Good Patient Reviews

It’s always a good idea to find out about others’ experiences with a surgeon. Try to ask people you trust for their opinions and experiences so you know you’re getting a good picture of the surgeon. You can, of course, look online as well. The reviews online can be enlightening, but remember that some online reviews aren’t always credible. If possible, getting firsthand experiences from people you know will be more valuable to you in your decision-making. 

As you find reviews, look for evidence that the surgeon is experienced, has good bedside manners, genuinely cares about patients, and helps them have a great LASIK experience. Often, these things are more important to your experience than the price tag.

Davis Vision LASIK Surgeons

At Davis Vision, we’ve built our business with LASIK surgeons who are experienced and highly capable of the surgeries they perform. Dr. Davis alone has performed over 40,000 laser eye surgeries during his career. With this caliber of surgeons in our office, you can trust that you will receive the best care for your eyes in Utah.