Why You Should Ditch Glasses and Contacts This Winter Why You Should Ditch Glasses and Contacts This Winter

Winter in Utah is not a fun time to have glasses and contacts. They seem to get in the way and cause problems even more than usual. But going to the winter of 2020, there seems to be even more reason to ditch the glasses and contacts and get LASIK instead. This year, of all years, you’ll want to schedule your LASIK surgery in Utah. Here’s why:

3 Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery in Utah This Winter

1. LASIK Can Help Keep You and Others Healthy

One of our biggest concerns as a society this year has been protecting and maintaining our health. And with some people predicting a winter with a spike in illness (including the typical colds and flus), you’re probably looking for ways to keep yourself and your family extra safe this year. 

Surprisingly, one of those things can be LASIK surgery. You see, viruses and bacteria are often spread through our hands. You touch something with a virus on it, you touch your face, and a couple of days later you start feeling sick. And it goes both ways - if you’re sick and touch your face, then touch another person or something the people touch a lot, you might get other people sick as well. 

When you have glasses, you’re constantly touching your face to adjust them into more comfortable positions or pulling them off to clean them. Even contacts can have you touching your face more when you put them in your eyes or take them out, or when your eyes get dry and itchy from the contacts.

Simply removing the things that are causing you to touch your face more could help you stay safer and healthier, but you can’t just stop wearing your glasses or contacts without getting LASIK. When you get LASIK surgery in Utah this winter, you won’t have to worry quite as much about getting sick or whether you’re spreading illnesses to others. 

Of course, it’s still important to wash your hands and wear a mask for the best health and safety, but to help limit the spread of disease, ditching your glasses and contacts in favor of LASIK can be a big help.

2. No More Foggy Glasses

Winter always means foggy glasses when you walk inside or outside. The temperature difference always manages to fog up your glasses so you can’t see clearly for several minutes. It’s super annoying, but if you’ve worn glasses through this whole year, you also know that temperature changes aren’t the only thing that can fog up your glasses.

This year, with everyone wearing masks, you glasses wearers have discovered that masks can cause your glasses to fog up no matter what temperature it is outside. This is thanks to the mask pushing your breath up toward your eyes instead of forward and away from your face like it usually would. With the masks, it’s been like winter all year round for you glasses wearers, and it’s probably getting pretty old. 

So why continue putting up with the foggy glasses when you don’t have to? If you choose to get LASIK surgery in Utah this winter, you’ll finally have a winter without your glasses fogging up. And you’ll be able to wear your mask without worrying if you’ll be able to see while you wear it. For once, you’ll be able to throw on a mask and go without having to think twice about it.

Overall, life is much simpler when you don’t have to worry about adjusting your life around your glasses. It’s hard to realize just how much of a hassle they can be until they’re finally gone. This winter is the best time to find out just how worth it it is to give up wearing glasses. 

3. Hassle-free Winter Activities

One of the biggest reasons people love winter is the wide range of activities available during the season. But glasses and contact lenses tend to get in the way of the fun sometimes. With LASIK surgery, you’ll join in the fun with no personal limitations and nothing to get in your way.

Just picture it - you head up to the slopes with some friends for a day. There’s fresh powder on the mountain, the sun is out, and you’re ready to ski for hours. And not once during the day to you have to fix your glasses or try to adjust them under your ski goggles. Not once do your contacts dry out. And you can see clearly the whole day.

Or maybe your kids start a snowball fight in the backyard, and you join in without even thinking about what will happen if you might lose a contact or your glasses are knocked off by a rogue snowball. 

And then there are the quiet winter nights when you cuddle up with your partner and some hot cocoa. You can lean against their shoulder or lay down on the couch without knocking your glasses sideways or your glasses digging into the side of your face. And if you happen to doze off, you can wake up without dry, sticky contacts to deal with after. 

These may seem like small things, but that’s how a lot of the results are with LASIK. The big thing is that you can see clearly, but you also start to realize how many little things are better simply because you don’t have the hassle of glasses and contact lenses anymore. And winter is one of the best seasons to notice all of these little things.

Schedule Your LASIK Surgery in Utah at Davis Vision Center 

Guess what? There’s actually another reason for you to get LASIK surgery in Utah this year - and it’s the dedicated eye surgeons who are ready to help you gain the clear vision and hassle-free life you’re looking for.

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