4 Ways to Avoid Common Workplace Eye Injuries

Believe it or not, workplace eye injuries are extremely common. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, nearly 2,000 U.S. workers suffer from job-related eye injuries. Injuries on the job cost an estimated $300 million a year in medical treatment, workers compensation, and lost productivity. Here are tips to help you and your employees avoid common workplace eye injuries.

Eye Wellness in the Workplace

Receive Regular Eye Exams

How to Protect Your Eyes During a Solar Eclipse

The August 21st total solar eclipse is quickly approaching. A total eclipse occurs when the central disk of the sun is entirely covered by the moon. Although you probably have seen a partial solar eclipse, total eclipses are much more uncommon. If you are located in the US, you’ll be able to see at least a partial solar eclipse. However, those who are located in the path of totality will see a total eclipse.

Top Reasons To Observe National Eye Exam Month

Eye Exam's are important and luckily August is National Eye Exam Month.  This gives a perfect reminder to schedule those exams and get everyone in the family ready for the new year. 

The Vision Council of America notes that 12.2 million Americans require some sort of vision correction but don’t use any. Nearly 50% of parents with children under 12 have never taken their children to an eyecare professional.


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