Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and here at Davis Vision we are so thankful for our customers and the opportunity we have to change their lives and vision for the better.  In today’s Blog post we wanted to take a look back at what some of our customers have to say about their experience at Davis Vision and what Lasik did for them.


July is a great month to celebrate our freedom and the wonderful country we live in.  As we watch the beautiful firework shows it is a good time to reflect on our vision and how important it is to protect.  July is National Eye Injury Prevention month and for good reason. Over one million people will have an eye injury this year in the United Sates, 90% of which could have been prevented with protective eyewear.

2nd Annual RUN 4 VISION 5K

This year's Run 4 Vision 5K was a huge success.  Thanks to everyone who came out to despite the rain.  We are so happy to announce we raised over $1,600 for the Utah Chapter of the Foundation Fight Blindness.  We are so grateful to everyone for the support and donations and are glad you are just as passionate about working to find a cure for eye disease as we are.  Thanks again and we will see you NEXT YEAR! 


Flexible spending accounts or and FSA is a great way to pay for LASIK surgery. FSA is an employee benefit program that lets you put money away, on a pre-tax basis, for certain health care and dependent care expenses. This is a great way to save money on medicle expenditures throughout the year. Employees benefit by not having to pay income or social security taxes on the money set aside in their FSA. Employees can see savings on average from between 10 and 35%. Any money left in the FSA by years end will be forfeited to the business.


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