Not your Father's LASIK

At Davis Vision, we've created a new and exciting way to experience LASIK that is different from what your parents may have experienced.  First, Dr. Davis has completed over 40,000 procedures and was among the first to perform LASIK in 1996.  Second, we use the latest technology which gives you the best chance of seeing 20/20 or better the very next day.  In addition to that, we offer Loaner glasses for those who need it before their LASIK procedure.  Need credit?  We offer several finance options to help you build and establish credit.  And....don't forget about the amazing discounts we offer for those who are getting ready to serve a mission to go college, or serve in the military.  Schedule your free 15 minute screening today and see if you're a candidate for LASIK

What has changed from when your parents got LASIK? 
  1. Surgeon with over 20 years experience and 40,000 completed procedures
  2. Latest technology for even better outcomes
  3. Many qualify at age 18
  4. Loaner glasses
  5. Great way to establish credit 
  6. Extra discounts for mission, military, or School
  7. 15 minute free screenings

When I visited Davis Vision to get an extra set of glasses for my mission I had no idea that LASIK was even an option at my age. But the staff reviewed my prescription history and found that my eyes have been stable for several years and that I was able to have LASIK. So two weeks later I got the procedure and now I'm seeing 20/15 without glasses or contacts. I'm so excited that I won't have to worry about my vision while serving a mission in South America! experience at Davis Vision was wonderful! Through every appointment, the staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful. Doctor Davis was very professional; he eased all my worries about lasik and was more than capable of performing the operation. It’s easy to tell that the people at Davis value each of their clients and are there to help them in every way possible. My lasik procedure went very smooth, and the recovery was quick. For anyone considering lasik at all, I would recommend Davis Vision without a question!”   Tyler N.